6 tips to grab a chicken dinner on PUBG mobile

While a slightly different version of PUBG is now available on mobile, chicken dinner is still the main goal. But as fans know, this is easier said than done, which is where our top tips come in.
Anything Epic can do, PUBG Corp can do better. Or at least that’s what the rapid launch of PUBG mobile in the West feels like, with Fortnite mobile still being invite only and PUBG mobile coming out so quickly, and unexpectedly afterwards. While this might make you think that PUBG’s mobile offering would be a little rough around the edges, it really feels quite good, without too many issues.
It isn’t quite the same as Fortnite’s mobile port, and there isn’t cross-platform play, but this still feels like the PUBG we all know and love. The map, weapons and rules are the same, but the visuals are lower quality, the controls are very different and many building layouts have been changed to make it run smoother on less powerful devices.
But it’s still thoroughly enjoyable, and the satisfaction of getting a win is as good as it is on PC or Xbox One, so it’s certainly worth investing some time into the mobile version if you want that PUBG fix. Getting a win still isn’t super easy, but we have braved the mobile fields of Erangel and returned with these top tips.

1. Don’t get too cocky

We’ll be honest, we totally fell for this and thought we had turned into PUBG gods overnight. In our first ever game we managed to rack up eight kills and won the match, after a tense final standoff in Pockinki fields. We elated, celebrated, and proclaimed we were going pro before finding out that the first game is completely filled with bots, and not a real human player in sight. The more you progress the number of bots to real humans decreases, and before long you should be playing with 99 other humans at a time. Winning that first game is a great feeling, so you can see why they hand it to you on a plate, but don’t go getting cocky after that.

2. Activate the lean controls

In PUBG on PC and Xbox One leaning to the left or right is a big part of the game, and being able to peek round cover without exposing your entire body is great, and something you should use all the time. But weirdly on PUBG mobile the buttons to lean are turned off by default, so to enable leaning you have to go into the options and turn them on. This should be the first thing you do, as it can give you a big advantage if you and a foe are dancing around cover trying to hit that last shot.
A screenshot of PUBG on iOS
This is almost the same as the PC version

3. Don’t forget about those smokes and grenades

The quirks of the PUBG mobile user interface mean that your pan and all your grenades are lumped together into one very small button to the right of your health bar. This makes it super easy to forget they exist, especially if it has selected your pan as default. But it’s always worth carrying a couple of grenades to get you out of a bad situation. Smokes provide decent enough cover that you can reposition or disengage from long distance fights, while frags will push players out of cover and maybe even take them down. Use them a lot, even if it’s easy to forget about them.

4. There’s no glass at all

We’ve all been there. You come up with a great plan to vault out of a window, drop down behind the person watching the stairs for you to come down, and take them out. But then suddenly, glass shatters, the window was still in tact and your whole plan has been thrown straight into the bin. Fortunately, that isn’t going to happen on PUBG mobile because none of the windows have any glass in them, meaning you are free to vault around and stay silent. Usually vaulting through the closest window is a lot more efficient than using a door, so we do it all the time.

5. Standing out in the open looking for fights works well

This might come down to personal preference, but we found that when playing in the early bot games and later ones against real opponents, looking for fights works out quite well. Not only is sitting and hiding quite boring, it also can leave you super exposed. Staying in one place makes it easy for a sniper to spot you and take you out in one shot. Whereas running around and engaging with that sniper means they have to take a fight they don’t want to. Also the more fights you take the better you will become at them, making it easier to climb the ranks. Really it’s a win win, and there is no reason not to do it providing you have enough confidence in your ability.

6. Flash hiders are super useful now

When you play on PC and you have a full HD, or 4K, monitor inches from your face it’s pretty easy to spot movement in the distance. But on mobile it can be really tricky, and with sound not quite being as high quality as on PC it can be difficult to tell where exactly those shots are coming from. We find the way we locate enemies the most is through the flash of their weapon, which on mobile is quite noticeable. So removing that with a flash hider is a big deal. Sure the compensator is still nice, and suppressors will always be the MVP in this category, but reducing recoil isn’t that big of a deal here, so go with a flash hider a lot of the time.

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